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Canmore, Banff, Skiing and Tunnel Mountain.

A few weeks ago, after realizing that if we wanted to have a family beach vacation, with our schedules, it was not going to happen until July, we decided to opt in for a quick mountain getaway. Kids and dad were screaming “skiing”, and I was secretly thinking “wine and photos”. In the end, everyone got what they wanted and more – I managed to learn to ski; Adele tried to learn and was way happier in the play centre; Chloe and dad went crazy on the Blue run and I got my alone time taking photos. The quick two day getaway felt refreshing and very much needed for all of us. Ever since, the kids switched from screaming “beach” and “mexico” to “skiing”, and “mountains”; and Adele thinks that the hotel is our ¬†other “new home”.

On the road.

Going downhill.

Mount Norquay Ski Resort.

First try.

On the chairlift.

Will it hold?

On the chairlift.

Lost and found.



Buffalo Mountain Lodge.

Tunnel Mountain in morning haze.

Around Lake Minnewanka.

Lake Minnewanka

Lake Minnewanka


Wood Restaurant, Canmore.