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10 days of camping.

Well this trip will definitely go down as one of the most memorable. The beautiful landscapes, the lakes, the beaches, the creativity that popped out of kids when no electronics are around are only a few out of so many things that are on my mind when I think about this trip. And  if I ask my kids, the things they name are slightly different but totally make me smile: “feed the goats”, “meeting Rosie”(one of many friends they made during the trip), “jumping in the water”, “hot springs”, “going to the beach”, “Mike and Catherine” (the friends we visit in Creston every Canada day for the last 7 years). Even “hiking” made it to their list, even though both of them weren’t thrilled in the beginning when they realized they had to walk 4km up. I am sure on the top of my husband’s list are two items: 1) broken trailer frame 2) 51 holes of disc golf paradise that we discovered by Parson, BC at the Organic Sports Ranch. Number one wasn’t fun but that’s what you get when you make the decision to go the “off the beaten path” route which in this case was 47km of  very untravelled mountain gravel road. I wouldn’t even call it “gravel”, it was all big rocks and holes and steep way up and down. It all worked out though and we miraculously made it to the campground in Nakusp without the trailer ripping off in the middle of the highway. The nicest owners of Mobile Welding in Nakusp reinforced it in the matter of two hours and apparently made it stronger than before. We weren’t rushing out of Nakusp either as the little town is a hidden paradise.  And most importantly, we realized we could do this for a much longer time if circumstances allowed as at the end of the trip nobody wanted to go home.

Canada day in Creston, BC

Just a typical visit from a neighbour…. with horses.

Riondel. Kootenay Lake.

The tall one can skip rocks!


It was supposed to be R O C A … oh well.

Ferry ride. On the way to Kaslo, BC.

Kootenay Lake from the ferry.

Kaslo, BC

The logging road that landed our trailer in the welding shop in Nakusp.

Nakusp beach.

by Parson, BC.

Organic Sports Ranch. By Parson, BC.

Organic Sports Ranch. By Parson, BC.

Organic Sports Ranch.

Spray Lakes.

Camping site #49

Spray lakes.

Old Goat Mountain trail

Made it all the way.

Old Goat Mountain

Old Goat Mountain Hike